Friday, February 24, 2012

News Update!

Hey guys! As of 2/24/12, there has been some changes to the Council of Elders. Many have retired, and many have joined. Blaze Shadowhorn, Nicholas Lionrider, Buxley Turtleton (a.k.a. Dylan Bearblood), and Diana Wildheart, have retired from the Council. Sierra Stormblade remained and kept her school open.

Blaze and Nick moved on to other things that boosted their ratings up. They went onto making the Spiral Live Podcast which is pretty popular now a days.

Diana kept doing her blog, and decorating, crafting, and gardening away.

And Buxley went onto decorating. He opened up the Housing Manual, and has loved it ever since, and has had a lot of friendly viewers.

The Council of Elder's new leader, Sierra Stormblade, recently took charge and has been recruiting new members. She will update the new Council of Elders website often, and will continue to run her academy.

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